Hello World!

Welcome to our Blog! We tend to find ourselves in cool places and doing fun things. So we figured it was best to share our marijuana experiences with our web community as well as our Facebook and Instagram page. We love posting our community photos and connecting people through our platform. We started in 2014 on Instagram as @budviews as we love medicating in beautiful places and sharing the ganja goodness and healing power of medical cannabis. From there our followers grew to a worldwide reach and started sending in amazing photos from Paris, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Russia and more. Naturally evolving into @_1worldwideweed was easy for us.

We now specialize in delivering to our members here in San Diego (Los Angeles, San Francisco, worldwide coming very soon). So, if you like top-shelf, lab-tested, discounted, and sometimes free cannabis, along with award-winning products (delivered timely), look no further than Worldwideweed®. Coming to a city near you!

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