Let Us Spice Up Your Valentine's Day!

Let us spice up your Valentine's Day with a special delivery from World Wide Weed®. HMBLDT & Foria available! 

Hey, San Diego! How about spicing things up a bit? This Valentine's day, forget the drinks and roll up the joints! Cannabis has electrifying properties when it comes to love and sex. It allows us to be more in tune with our inner feelings and more connected with our sensual desires; things seem to be just a tad bit better while high.

With the new launch of Passion & Arouse by HMBLDT, the Cannabis marketplace just got what it's been lacking. Before the release of these products, there were few sex geared cannabis products in the market. These have been specially designed to heighten the senses and maximize stimulation.

We all know there is nothing worse than being mentally preoccupied while trying to get in the mood. Arouse is about relaxing the user naturally. HMBLDT has included linalool and farnesene to the mix with organic cannabis THC and CBD to complete this love potion. Inhale and let go of daily stresses that can impede your excitement levels. It’s a sweet tasting smoke and an even better feeling.

Designed to keep you puffing along into the night is Passion. It has been crafted with the same care as Arouse. This formula is designed to take your euphoria to new heights. Feel the love & puff on Passion until the patented HMBLDT pen vibrates [don’t get any ideas ;)] giving you exactly 2.25mg of what you need to keep the good vibes rolling.

Weed. Eat. Weed. Love. Sleep. Repeat.

Not enough? You kinky thing you - throw Foria into the mix for an all-out cannabis enriched experience. Foria was the first of its kind as the sole sex-related cannabis product and has been acclaimed by GQ as the “Sex Product of the Year.” Designed specifically to promote natural lubrication, this formula will intensify the feelings leading to deeper orgasms on both ends.

With the right combination of terpenes, CBD, and THC; HMBLDT vape pens bring you whatever you need for the right occasion. Top it off with Sleep from HMBLDT to make sure you get that much needed beauty sleep after tonights series of events!

Bliss the night away - heighten your sensuality & most of all - ENJOY :)