CBD Helps a World Wide Weed® Crohn's Patient!

CBD has been linked to the coping and easing of many illnesses out there like PTSD, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and Diabetes to name a few. Why isnt it as widespread and celebrated? CBD can be an alternative to opiates and actually provides a huge value to humans and mammals alike as we are finding the endocannabinoid system is similar in pets as well. 



Our Crohn's case comes from one of our very own patients, Mr. T. He obtained Chrons disease at the age of 22 while travelling in southern Europe and eating a dairy product that carried the disease. 

He was a very active entrepreneur and for the past 10 years had to re focused his energy on improving his health. Trying over 70 different remidies, he has stumbled upon CBD twice. The first time he noticed slight increase in mood and overall feeling with an on and off improvement on the pain associated with Crohn's. 

T toiled with every new thing that came out, on the days he was feeling good he would try to catch up on his work, and enjoy some of the good days. He stumbled upon a new method of "Raw" CBD, still containing some of the plant nutrients and also easier to digest and absorb for someone with digestive issues. 

There are tons of THC and CBD products on the market. Each is going to make a you feel slightly different than the next. Everything plays a factor - how active are the receptors are in your endocannabinoid system, how your body reacts to the different strain, and once you find the right strain or form of certain product, the next most important factor would have to certainly be the dosage thats right for YOUR bodies needs.  

Numerous days in pain and emmense trial and error stumbled Mr. T to try our RSHO Green line - Why?

Crohn's is a gastrointestional disease that makes it very difficult to process normal foods, leaving the diseased in pain daily. RSHO Green is a complete hemp based CBD solution with 30 servings for those that need to take it daily. Tesed for purtity, this CBD its filtered and refined but not decarboxilated so the CBDs vitamins, minerals, fatty acids are kept in the raw form of the freshly pressed stalk. The remainder of the whole plant material CBD for best ingestion as well as natural effects surrounding Crohn's patients sublingual and ingested delivery. 

T now takes work, working out, and is gaining weight thanks to hemp based CBD in its raw form. The pain isnt affecting him as much and he has re - gained his momentum with work and life thanks to adding a balanced CBD product into his daily routine. You need to find what works for you, what makes you feel better, and how much of it to take. 

The bottom line is that our human body accepts this plant as all types of medication for numerous ailments, we should be praising it! Not shunning it as mankind has done for so long. Look to the plant to heal problems mental, physical, and emotional. This is a shedule one drug - next to names of drugs that have killed thousands of people. The only people killed over marijuana are in the black market due to the opression of this plant! Hemp Oil based CBD products are available to be shipped in most parts of the world.