Product / Strain Highlights

Medical Cannabis Strain Descriptions

Girls Scout Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain. It is a cross between F1, Durban Poison and OG Kush. This sticky purple strain is our personal favorite for relaxation,—it’s the ultimate strain for stress relief. It is also known to relieve depression, headaches, migraines, and anxiety. It has different effects ranging from energizing, uplifting, and euphoric; to making the user more creative, happy and inducing a nice body high. Ours test at 27%, and 28% making it a very popular strain. It has won a few Cannabis Cups and become a staple on menus ever since. Girl Scout Cookies traditionally is known for its berry taste and its notorious earthy smell. It’s great for anxiety, pain relief and hangovers!

Fire OG is an indica dominant hybrid. This will put you at ease, no questions asked. It is gassy yet sweet, smells of lemon and citrus. You will feel the effects as you exhale—you’ll experience a relaxing body high. It is green and covered in white trichomes. World Wide Weed delivers indoor. It can be used to manage pain and anxiety. This strain promotes relaxation, relieves stress and perfect for unwinding after a long day. Our supply consistently lab test at 29%+ THC.

Triple Dubble is a San Diego homegrown strain.  It is one of the best strains made by award-winning Pau Hana. It is an indica dominant hybrid. The nug structure is very small but packs a large punch. Triple Dubble has fruity, spicy, sour and earthy notes. It’s perfect for enhancing creativity, increasing appetite, and pain relief.  This strain is not recommended for those who may experience anxiety for it may be very intoxicating. This is great to use in the evening when you want to wind down or a good toke just before bed. - We are awaiting its return! 

AK-47- Although the name is taken from one of the most popular combat weapons of all time, this hybrid strain hits like a summer breeze. The common perception is that this strain combines a concoction of Mexican, Thai, Colombian and Afghani elements that produce this gift to smokers everywhere. Picture trichomes falling off of the bud into kief at the bottom of your grinder or seeing the caked on batter of trichomes on your fingertips. The metallic smell hits your senses and you’ll feel the effects instantly. This potent strain is recommended for those who are looking for pain management. It is also known to treat depression, loss of appetite, headaches, and migraines.  

Sour Dubble is a hybrid cross between sour diesel and sour bubble. This strain tends to lean more on the indica. Sour Dubble leaves you feeling euphoric and is a cerebral high. This strain is potent and strong and is a local strain produced in San Diego by Pau Hana. This private reserve strain is sticky & covered in white trichomes with a pungent smell. This strain is perfect for dealing with anxiety, and lack of appetite. Smells like fruity pebbles and will leave the smoker with the feelings to match.  

World Wide Weed®’s Pineapples is the perfectly balanced Hybrid you’ve been dreaming of. A cross between Pineapple and Hash Plant, this Hybrid smells of Afghani and sweet tropical pineapple with a slight hint of diesel goodness for good measure. Prepare yourself for instant cerebral stimulation which is quickly followed by total body relaxation. This strain is great for mid-day activity! A natural strain for stress relief and relaxation, the euphoric experiences leave you with uplifted feelings. Made to leave utterly satisfied no matter what taste or sensation you’re looking for. Smooth. Sweet. Stimulating. World Wide Weed® brings relaxation straight to you. It is a cerebral high and great for creativity. High energy! 

Dubble Motorboat - this intoxicatingly heavy strain is the perfect TKO! It is a truly medicinal strain. It will leave you stuck on the couch and will make you walk around slower. Motorboat is a cross of Sour Dubble (Sour Diesel X Northern Lights X Sour Bubble) and Motorbreath (Chem Dawg X SFV OG ) This is the way you want to end your day and take the pain away! 

Mogwai OG - Triangle Kush X Face Off OG by our private reserve collection growers Pau Hana Supply Co - only the best OG terp profile here - smells like gasoline, hits super hard. A great way to end any day. Induces strong OG effects, creativity, mental activity, pain relief, and happy to help you right to bed. 

Gorilla Glue #4 - This popular strain emerged on the scene a few years ago. It has become a go-to hybrid to cure many things. Hangovers, motivational lags, creativity lulls, workout de-motivation - all fall prey to Gorilla Glue #4 - Its such a flexible and strong strain, hence the name. The cure for many ailments. Ours is bred by Pau Hana Supply Co - one of the best in the game. We won't put anything else on the Worldwideweed menu and call it Gorilla Glue #4. You can count on GG4! 

Diesel Pie - Daywrecker Diesel X Grape Pie here to help you soothe into the evening, take a light load off. Diesel Pie is here to be that perfect indica dominant hybrid with a great scent and taste as well as strong effects to help you sail into the evening or cruise through the day. 

White Skunk - A sativa dominant 60/40 hybrid - This strain has a stinky smell! It has stimulating uplifting effects that will put any smoker in the zone that they want to be in! 27% THC - strong stuff - A great one to enjoy midday or right at 4:20. Euphoria awaits! 


Apothecanna is a premier topical when it comes to weed creams. There are multiple variations to choose from to fit any lifestyle.  This marijuana cream contains these key ingredients: Arnica, Peppermint, Juniper, Clove, and Cannabis. Juniper and Clove both act as an antiseptic, however, each carries other distinguishing characteristics such as anti-rheumatic, anti-microbial, and stimulating qualities. Arnica is great for inflammation and pain relief. Cannabis and Peppermint both carry anti-inflammatory properties. Apothecanna comes in both spray and topical forms.  Apply the product to the affected area for direct relief, or use it for a full body massage and take advantage of its therapeutic characteristics.  The creamy texture of the topical provides both a cooling feeling (from the peppermint) to dull the pain and a healing effect to relax your muscles. It will leave the area feeling refreshed and hydrated. Highly recommended.

Emu 420 Essentials by Cannarignals is recognized as being an industry leader when it comes to cannabis topicals. This all-natural topical has been developed with cannabis extracts, emu oil, and CBD to deliver effective results for patients in need.  This weed cream can be used for treating a variety of things, providing comfort and relief for muscles, joints, and skin. Apply the cream to affected areas of the body that are experiencing pain, discomfort, skin irritation without feeling impaired and still execute your daily activities.  Emu 420 Essential oils is great for treating burns, skin conditions and even migraines. Upgrade to the Gold medicated line and treat the most severe chronic pain.

LEEF CBD THRIVAL by LEEF Naturals - Leef specalizes in cold pressed CBD, meaning no additives like MCT or Coconut Oil. This CBD Salve is made with organic sungrown cannabis and super concentrated for your medicinal topical needs.