Cannabis 101!

Cannabis has been dated in the record books over 10,000 years ago! It was first documented in central Asia in the Hindu / Afghanistan region. You may have heard of the term "Afghani Kush" or "Red Hindu Kush" as these descend from landrace original strains that are so rare today. 


These plants eventually spread through trade and time, spreading with the evolution of mankind as they knew of the benefits of the plant and all things that come with. Lambs Bread from Jamaica, Acapulco Gold in Mexico, Chocolate Thai, Afghani, Hawaiian, Durban Poison and Nigerian from Africa, with the new landrace locations being named on the regions they were being specialized in and once again the original strains found on mother earth. These strains are popular for creating a uniquely effective and pure experience and are highly sought after today.

Regulation in the Americas began around 1937 with the Tax act that led to the ultimate prohibition signed into effect. Throughout the next 30 years - "Reefer Madness" crazed Americans with false propaganda into thinking cannabis was bad for them. 


Still, Woodstock and the spread of pop culture through music led to more people discovering cannabis and its benefits. Many people were arrested, murdered and died due to malnourishment due to cannabis prohibition and its federally illegal scheduling. Numerous drug wars raged on, and the still today people are being arrested for simple possession of marijuana. 

What do we know?

Through our own personal experiences and results, as well as seeing the benefits of numerous returning patients, our patients' pets VETCBD success, and what we can record about how we feel now, and the progression of our health - we know that cannabis is a force for good. Our bodies have endocannabinoid receptors in the brain as well as in our immune systems. A personal journey, cannabis can help regulate the body and immune system, as a regular mood enlightener, cannabis can heal from within, and as a topical, it can also heal the skin. If you are sick and you medicate with cannabis, your sickness will be less painful and go by faster, and you may even forget that you were sick leading to overall mood and body enhancement enabling one to heal more quickly.

A Joint a day keeps the doctor away! Seriously, stress is the #1 cause for countless Cancers, Anxieties, Diseases, Grey Hairs, Aging, and Sickness, why not aleviate all of that stress and see how great your overall body feels! 

We still are in the cannabis ice age, but things are heating up! 

So far, there are 29 legal medical marijuana states including Washington DC where the people that make the laws, make the laws. DC, if youre seeing this, the people have spoken, and we believe that 30 states, in a time period of over 20 years have all voted on the same thing and this should count for a 3/2 National Vote for Legalization and De Criminalization of Cannabis. The times are changing, allow for some serious clinical research, and help people live better lives.