World Wide Weed® SAYS: Safe Access to Medical Cannabis for All!

A plant - in its natural form. Deemed illegal in an archaic age where you were told what is right, and what is wrong. Has been under the public eye and under scrutiny for years. Simply, the public is consistently told misinformation. Cannabis naturally grows on the earth, and naturally synthesizes with your body to radiate as one and make you feel better or heal you from your ailments and soothe your pain and still- cannabis remains a schedule one controlled substance nationally. Even though numerous states have voted for safe access to patients, the governmental control of cannabis is preventing many from accessing medicine safely from trusted sources.

Now, in a war over taxation, the patient's needs are still being put in last place. Recently, San Diego, CA closed the consumers access to quality by monopolizing the market and only issuing 15 Conditional Use Permits. Knowing there are over hundreds of legally operating, well-trusted collectives under Prop 215 with large patient bases that are helping patients receive medicine safely, this aims to shut the doors on multiple caregivers.

For those states that have not adopted medical cannabis yet, I feel saddened. Growing up in a state that shunned cannabis - I remember what it was like trying to find good medicine - terribly hard. Now our fear is that this will become the fate of San Diego as most of these 15 shops shell out low-grade flower only to profit.

World Wide Weed® founded with this mission - to provide patients with safe access to the best cannabis available in California. We operated 24 hours a day to make sure our patients did not have to look elsewhere whenever they needed more medicine. We expanded our reach and patient base as more San Diego medical marijuana patients requested our services. Our mission to safe access requires a ton of behind the scenes work. From hand selecting only the best pesticide - free strains available to us, and lab testing them for potency and accuracy, to our caregivers taken though background tests, registering them with the city as workers involved in Medical Cannabis, and numerous product education pieces - and answering a 24 hour hotline regarding everything cannabis - we are here to serve San Diego, CA Medical Cannabis Patients.

New regulations on delivery have forced World Wide Weed® to scale back operating hours from 7 am to 9 pm. We comply with the federal and state governments by paying taxes, accepting only California Medical patients, and certainly the city law by caring for patients under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 between the hours of 7 am - 9 pm - limiting access from 10pm-6am and forcing patients in need to look to the black market.

Doesn't it make sense, in a free economy, to create strict guidelines for operating a dispensary, and allow businesses that operate compliantly a chance at a license?

The worst case that happens under this scenario is that one of the businesses does not meet a certain code or fails to provide quality medicine, etc - and the business, after paying the city thousands of dollars in sales taxes, has to forgo its license and close up shop. The best case for the city, and state, and patients is to allow as many good businesses to operate as possible. This allows the marketplace a choice as to which dispensary provider to use for their medicinal or recreational cannabis - this also keeps competition between numerous businesses high making the quality of medicine and service staying high.

By limiting San Diego patients to only 15 choices of cannabis providers - the city is allowing these providers to only focus on profits, rather than medicine, as they know the patients don't have anywhere else to go. The city is also limiting safe access to cannabis, if San Diego patients had to rely on only these 15 stores, every day, for cannabis, the demand would outweigh the supply. Does the city of San Diego expect only 15 businesses to meet the demand of every cannabis patient and recreational user in the city? There is no way these companies could effectively service 5,000 plus walk-ins and deliveries that happen every day in the city especially with the tiny size of some of these "legal shops." They got a retail space in a proper zone just to get the license, but the building will not be fit for the kind of flooding that it will get with the number of caregivers in the city reducing from 150+ down to only 15. Patients will need to get used to waiting 5+ hours for a delivery or maybe even put on a waitlist for next day service as the businesses are very spread due to strict zoning guidelines and won't be able to cover San Diego's 70+ miles in only 14 hours of being open per day.

Don't open the floodgates and allow anyone in - allow only quality services to operate - The patients, and eventually, the Yelp reviews, will speak for itself.

The name of the game is safe access to cannabis, not tax dollars from cannabis. And even if that is the name - by allowing more quality operators in a free society the overall tax generated off of cannabis profits will be larger. Worldwideweed would love to still be able to operate and provide medical cannabis to patients 24 hours - when the man says we can, then we will again.

This is a public service announcement - only donate to quality collectives, only use top shelf quality, trusted, medicine, and go for your dreams. We hope you can safely find healing in medical cannabis as opposed to traditional prescribed medicines the way we have.