The Importance of Creating Original Content for Marijuana Business

The Importance of Creating Original Content for Marijuana Business

Hello! Welcome to the new and revamped WorldWideWeed blog! We have shifted our focus and our goal is to create and provide information that our community thinks is valuable in making their cannabis related decisions.

There are a lot of changes happening in the cannabis industry all over the country and throughout the world. With all the ambiguity surrounding the industry, how are you going to keep up with all the changes? 

We’ve got an idea, you can ask us!

Before we get into how we will create our content, or what types of content we will be sharing, it is important to touch on the importance of why we will be creating our own content.

So why is creating original content important? According to Washington D.C based Cannabis market research firm New Frontier Data, the cannabis industry is expected be a  $24 billion dollar market by the year 2025.

As the industry expands more and more dispensaries and marijuana products will pop up everywhere.

As the market becomes more saturated, (more so than it already is) original content can help define who your brand is as a business. Establishing this brand identity can help your business move away from these different third party selling platforms that are promoting THEIR brand and not your own. 

Creating enough original content can make your business to become thought leaders within the industry. If you provide content that is valuable to consumers, then they will come to you for more than just purchasing.


It will build brand loyalty. Look at Apple for example; they have built a base of followers who not only use their products or services, but also recognize them as the blueprint for leading tech companies.  Look at the direction Apple is headed in producing their own original content.

Allows you to engage your customer. Creating original content moves from traditional forms of marketing, which were more one-sided. Creating unique content based on your customer base allows you to meet them where they are. This allows your business to find out what their needs and concerns are. It helps identify what is important to them so that you can adjust your business strategies to provide a solution to their problems. 

In the Mogrify Studio blog post on important factors for cannabis SEO ranking, The author provided great tips that contribute to Google rankings. These factors also double as guidelines to use in creating your own original content. The three main points of focus in creating are: Content that is regular, content that is relevant, and content that is informative.

Creating content on a regular schedule is important because we need to keep the attention of the reader.  Steve quoted it best, “Out of sight, Out of mind”. In the digital age the typical consumer has a short attention span. If you aren’t consistent with your post you will lose the attention of your audience and they will go other places for there information. What is a regular schedule? That is up to you to determine, but a good rule of thumb provided by Steve was around 2 times a week.

Why is it important to create relevant content? Content should be timely to things that your consumer would think is important. Current and upcoming events, a recap of what just happened in the week and with the highlights.  A good rule of thumb recommend was to have local related content.

So now the question is: How we will create our content? Building on the 3 points mentioned earlier about creating regular, relevant and informative content; we think it's important to hear from you.

We have developed some our content ideas from listening to you. We think that is another important factor in creating original content; listen to your audience.

We took some time to survey our patient base to ask them what kinds of content that they would be interested in. It is easy to do; all it takes is asking a few questions with every interaction. You would be surprised at what you would hear.

From that feedback we put together a pretty cool list of exciting topics that we are excited to bring to you. Here are some examples of content that we are going to bring to you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the following;

World Wide Weed® how-to videos on different aspects of cannabis such as making your own cannabis oil and rolling up the perfect joint. We also wanted to show you what is going on, give you a behind the scenes look at the World Wide Weed® family. 

  • A peek into our world and what we have going on.
  • A look into some of our special projects and promotions. For example the benefits of our free tree program.
  • What’s new/ Season pieces
  • Feature Different Milestones that we are trying to hit over the new few quarters.
  • Behind the scenes exclusive footage.

On our blog we also want to provide you with a first hand perspective of what is going on in within the cannabis Industry.

Our goal is to be an information source so you come here to see the latest cannabis trends, highlighting new and upcoming brands in the industry.

We want to provide you with the most relevant information that you need to help aid in your cannabis consumer decision making process.