Spannabis 2018: The State of Cannabis Worldwide

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On a sunny Spanish weekend, over 20,000 cannabis enthusiasts, professionals, and business owners gathered at the 15th installment of Spannabis Barcelona. 

The mecca for Cannabis in Europe, Spannabis has been a meeting place for like minded individuals over the years. With recent pushback at the 2017 Madrid Spannabis - where over 20 people were cited for pot possession - yes, the police busted people for possession at a cannabis festival ( great work police) Barcelona’s turn out was full force! 

With its lax culture and over 200+ Cannabis clubs in the city, Barcelona is rivaling Amsterdam for the title "Cannabis Capital of Europe." All companies were out in full force, and the World Wide Weed team showed up to mix in and get the global vibe of Cannabis in 2018. 

Cannabis pioneers and innovators from across the globe set up booths to display their newest endeavors. Enthusiasts from all over lined up to try samples of everything from CBD Beer to the newest rolling papers and accessories. Seed banks dispensed their beloved strains to growers looking to raise their own crop. 


We saw flags of Spain and Catalonia, Friends from Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, glassblowers from Italy, businessmen from as far as Colombia showed up to check the industries newest international scene.  People enjoyed the displays inside and chilled outside and sharing stories, and rolling joints galore. Music played, food trucks lined up, and stoners from all walks of life roamed through, meeting and enjoying the warm Spanish Sun. For many of these goers, its the first “coming out party” as far as cannabis is concerned. THC is still illegal everywhere besides Amsterdam, and many users are forced to obtain illegally in their home countries. 

We were thrilled to see all of the new products and the amount of companies emerging from the European market. CBD is very prevalent - as countries like Switzerland are growing indoor strains with 30:1 CBD : THC ratios that are seen as a tobacco alternative. Strains like Blue Dream, Lemon Haze were all available for purchase. CBD dispensaries are popping up, and again helping Europeans lower tobacco intake as well as heal. 


Groups from the UK showed up in their team gear, representing the underground scene there. Businesses and influencers showed up with camera crews to document the event and all of the amazing vibes from the weekend. Entrepreneurs from across the globe connected in this amazing space, to better their business, and improve the state of cannabis worldwide. 

Afterparties raged all over the city, mostly at the dispensary clubs, which were packed with people enjoying some of the freshest buds in town. “Cali Weed” was being sold at over $40 a Gram! Yes, 3 grams was $120 - we passed, as the World Wide Weed quality is hard to beat - but picked up a very nice strain called Love Triangle - A mix of Triangle Kush and Dream Lotus… we also enjoyed Gorilla Cookies and a nice Wifi OG (we had to visit a few.) 


The Dispensaries had different wax, vapes, and flower to choose from, and multiple tables, video games, and lounge sections to relax. A mix of Amsterdam Cafes with modern lounge feel was nice for the cannabis enthusiast looking for a safe place to relax for a bit. 


We visited our partners over at Weedmaps. They have a staff of over 15 living in Barcelona as Europe opens up more and more dispensaries. US Expats and locals from each country represented the office staff. They are frequently in between the countries helping facilitate dispensaries into the Weedmaps Marketing loop! 


All in all, it was a great few days in Barcelona. Our eyes were opened even more to the global market and we can’t wait to be able to work with more international Cannabis Companies as we are continuously advocating for a global acceptance. It’s no secret that people from every walk and race know the benefits of cannabis. Maybe one day the governments will wake up and try to actually help people live a better life by allowing international commerce of fully tested products from California as well as facilitating safe indoor grows and lab testing in their own countries. We plan to open a booth at the next Spannabis providing strain education as well as alternative consumption education as many of our patients and people globally are unable to smoke, as well as spreading the well received World Wide Weed gear! 

Sean Cook