Cannabis Tourism and Travel

In 2016 82 million people visited Colorado. According to a survey conducted by Colorado Tourism, 15% or about 12 million people participated in a cannabis related activities

According to Forbes Cannabis Tourism has grown 51% since 2014

 With the wave of cannabis legalization across the united states, the increase in Cannabis related tourism is on the rise. Dispensary Crawls, and Cannabis themed yoga are just a few of the new cannabis inspired business models that are at the focal of the new trend.

 Cannabis attracts a wide variety of enthusiasts.  “It can attract anyone from Lawyers to Truckers” says Deidra Bagdasarian cofounder of Ganja Goddess Getaway, a travel company dedicated to a cannabis travel experience. As the social stigma fades, the appeal of this industry is rising. Taking a tour of a state of the art cannabis cultivation complex would have been something you dreamed about with your friends 10 years ago, now it has become a reality.

 Enthusiasts are also interested in the process and how it the the emerging business works. Some farms and distribution outlets have heard the demand and now give tours. These new ventures allow canna enthusiast to emerge themselves in the nuances of the cannabis industry, from the cultivation aspect to distribution process and see it first hand. 

CannabisTours.Com is a Denver based cannabis tour company that has expanded to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, and Washington DC.  Here in San Diego we have the West Coast Cannabis Tour. In Northern California things like they Bay Area Cannabis Tours and the Sonoma County experience are combining weed and wine tours that feature some of the best wine and best cannabis that are produced in the region.


Even though the stigma is fading and cannabis tourism is on the rise, some areas are hesitant to start advertising for big market cannabis tours.  Big market destination marketers have avoided featuring cannabis related tourism attractions on their platforms.  With the recent announcement of Coke-Cola looking at launching a CBD beverage line, it will be interesting to see how long these big players stay on the sidelines as the Cannabis Industry takes form.

Sean Cook