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Founded in 2014, World Wide Weed® began as a global community of cannabis connoisseurs posting creative scenic pictures with a joint in it. In addition to decades of combined industry experience, the movement for a professional industry with high quality standards became the company's passion. 

World Wide Weed® started successful delivery services in San Diego, CA with locations opening soon in Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

Consulting with businesses has become our focus after years of grinding through difficulties that could've so easily been prevented in a more professional industry. Our consulting services help both small and large businesses efficiently scale to the next level, create multiple streams of income, become market independent, and help your surrounding community at the same time.

Branding opportunities are available in Medicinal and Recreational markets across the United States. For businesses looking to significantly increase sales, our full branding package taps your business into our enormous customer/patient database. This includes geotargeted customers or patients already loyal to the brand. Additionally, we provide unparalleled marketing power through our high end brand affiliates and event sponsorship. 

Global franchise opportunities available in Canada, Argentina, Australia, Isreal, New Zealand, Uruaguay, The Netherlands, and participating countries. We advocate for countries alike to follow suit to benefit from cannabis today.